tom d asked 10 years ago

About 8 weeks ago i planted about 180 potted laurel to replace my dead escallonia hedge. I have watered them , i think sufficiently. Now about 1 in 6/7 are turning yellow and the leaves are falling off. Some I can see are sprouting new shoots but the yellowish ones are not. do you think they are dying or dead?? if so , can you advise anything to give them the “kiss of life”. My escallonia hedge thrived where they were planted prior to frost damage.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Even potted laurel does not always take, yellowing can be a sign of too wet soil, or too-dry. Wateriing shoulbe heavy but spaced out. Dig up a yellow plant and see if the soil root ball is wet or dry. Watch for plants being too deeply planted also … a common problem. If they are, they can be lifted and set higher.