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Louise McDonnell asked 10 years ago

My lawn was sown a year and a half ago and was lovely and rich green in colour last spring but as summer and autumn came so did yellow patches. I have an acre of lawn and yellow patches are quiet noticeable but grass is still very much alive. With spring coming what fertiliser or feed can I use to treat lawn to bring back healthy green lush grass.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
it is likely that the fertilizer ran out and was washed away, and on a poorish soil the grass turns patchy and yellow. There might be leather jackets involved as well as these larvae of daddy-long-legs can eat the roots of grass in a a patchy fashion.

In any case, the lawn can be fed in March with a high-nitrogen fertilizer. You can use a farm fertilizer for a large area like yours,

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