lawning a messy space

elliot render asked 14 years ago

where do i start, i’m wanting to relawn my garden. its already part lawned with lots of weeds in, then the other part is just weeds and mud where a large shed covered, my guess was to dig up the surface of the lawn, dig up the weeds, rotivate it, add top soil to level it, then seed.. is there a faster way to do it but still keeping the cost down i.e. hired tools, do i need to dig up the old grass or can i just rotivate it,or am i going around this the wrong way Thanks for any adviceelliot render

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
A lawn is just a skin of grass on the soil surface. To have an even lawn, the ground must be even. It is only necessary to level the soil and if this can be done without cultivating much, that’s fine.

It is possible to kill an existing lawn with Roundup and over-sow directly into the dying or dead grass with lawn seed, even just a week after spraying and this is a very easy way to re-sow a lawn.

You could even out the soil where the shed was to match the existing lawn, then over-sow both areas and feed both areas with lawn fertilizer to even out the growth.