Leaves going pale in hanging baskets

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gerry foley asked 11 years ago

Hanging baskets with trailing petunia, and lobelia were planted in late May (after frosts) and were thriving initially. In last few weeks leaves have gone pale green and flowers have a faded ‘washed out’ look, but are not falling off. Baskets have been kept watered and fed with tomato feed (maybe too much?) from the start. I have been growing baskets successfully for several years and never saw this problem before.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
This is inadequate watering. Too much feeding can make plants in pots suffer more from drought.

It is possible that the compost has dried out at the core and the water is not penetrating, just running down the sides.

If possible, take down the baskets and soak them for an hour or so in a basin of water. The weather has be very dry.

Feeding once a week is plenty, Watering may be necessary every day.