Leaves of fuchsia holed

Winnie Hallihan asked 9 years ago

I have attached photos of my Fuschia Gertenmeister, which as you can see from the photos has damaged leaves, can you please give me advice on this. No insects have been spotted on the plant but holes are obvious.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
The tattered irregular holes in the younger leaves of the tips of the fuschsia are typical of capsid bug feeding. The damage is mainly done to the smallest developing leaves and the holes enlarge as the leaves grow out.

Capsids are small beetles, slender with long angled legs. They hide just below the tips of the shoots and run down the stems or drop to the ground if approached. If you apporach very slowly and do not cause fright, you will see them, if they are still about.

The damage to the shoot tips can cause severe disruption of flowering and it may be necessary to apply a garden insecticide.