Looking for Ladybirds

Michelle Ryan asked 10 years ago

I’m looking to buy ladybirds (or larvae) to control greenfly on roses. They have all disappeared from our garden in recent years. Is this advisable? If so, what kind of ladybirds should I look for and where might I get them?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
There are always fewer ladybirds about in a cold, wet summer, and plenty in a hot dry summer. 

The reason for this is the amount of food available. There are much fewer greenflies on plants due to heavy rainfall, which knocks them off and disrupts their feeding. Greenflies feed less in cold weather because they cannot regulate their body temperature and are governed by the prevailing temperatures.

So, there is less food and fewer ladybirds, but there is less need for ladybirds in these circumstances.

Nature balances itself out … with a little lag …. and ladybird numbers will increase when food increases and the weather improves.

Besides, ladybirds can fly and may not stay in your garden anyway.