Sean Dunne asked 12 years ago

I have approx 150 ft of a narrow bank approx 3 Ft wide approx 45 degree slant south facing . As I can’t mow it, it gets quite unsightly in summer I have just started this year to keep Bees and I was wondering what would you recommend that I sow that would give me flowers in the summer and ground cover in the winter.Would lungworth be suitable? I went to plant finder on the web site but came up with blank.Many Thanks Sean

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Though long, this bank is narrow and it would bebest planted with mostly perennial flowers and a few small shrubs, perhaps one or two trees.

Perennials could include bergenia, alchemilla, osteospermum, perennial wallflower, euphorbia, nepeta, phormium stachys, sedum and origanum.

Some shrubs could include rock rose, cistus, hebe, potentilla, fuchsia and genista.

A couple of small upright trees, such as Thuja ‘Smaragd’ and Sorbus ‘Joseph Rock’ couldbe used to give some hight to contrast with the length.