May I put raw seaweed directly over Strawbeery Bed

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Enda Lonergan asked 12 years ago

I have for some time heard of the virtues of seaweed as a fertilser and/or Nutrient booster. I am fortunate in that I live minutes from the seas shore and an abundant supply of West of Ireland Seaweed. I was wondering is it safe to bring some fresh and unwashed seaweed directly over my strawberry, raspberry, currant, rhubarb beds at this time to give them a tonic as we head into spring and also as perhaps a blanket to some frost that might be on the way.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Seaweed is more a tonic than it is a fertilizer.

It can be used around fruit in limitied amounts, a light cover of the soil. It rots away to nothing quite quickly.

Fresh raw seaweed can be salty which does not suit all fruit palnts. It would be okay with strawberry which has a beach species in its breeding but not great with raspberries.

But do not cover the crowns or leaves of strawberry plants.