meadow mowing

fons jaspers asked 11 years ago

I have quite a large area of ‘wild’ grass, that is of no other use than just being there and provide cover for whatever is looking for it. I know it should be cut only sparingly. When would that be: Now? (April was too wet and too cold for much growth) although now is pretty late perhaps, and again in October or so, or only in Oct., or only now?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Wildflower meadow is the equivalent of old-fashioned hay meadow, mown in late June or early July, and again in autumn and in March. The heavy cut is a lot of work and this feature is not really suitable for gardens because it looks messy on a small scale and the mowing is a big job on a larger scale.

Or treat the area as wildflower lawn, cutting every 2 to 6 weeks depending on needs and time of year.