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Will asked 11 years ago

In a response to an earlier question you had recommended a Wildflower Lawn, rather than a Meadow, indicating a meadow might be a problem as Regards mowing. What is the difference. I thought that with a meadow, it only required cutting once or twice in the season.If this is the case, in order to minimise maintennance, I would opt for a meadow.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
A meadow is up to waist high in late June or July and needs a rough grass mower … or small areas can be cut with a brushcutter, and the ‘hay’ has to be taken off and disposed of. A meadow looks awful for weeks after it is cut. And before it is cut it looks messy in a small area … fine for large gardens and parkland where you can get in with a tractor and mower.

A widl flower lawn is cut with an ordinary mower.