melianthus major in wrong spot

violet shirran asked 14 years ago

Hi Gerry, I bought a honey bush at Blooms last year and underestimated how big it would grow! It’s at the front of my garden and overshadowing everything else. I need to move it but since it’s so lovely, don’t want to kill it! When can i move it ,if ever, without killing it.. or over upsetting it! Sadly it’s very happy where it is!

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Melianthus forms a big bush, almost like a shrub. It can be moved before growth begins in spring or you can simply move some rooted suckers and chop out the remainder. But you can also cut it to the ground in spring to keep it to a more reasonable size. It has dark red flowers but it is more usually grown for its superb foliage.