linda Harrington asked 14 years ago

We have major problem with Midges. We live next to a forrest with a stream running through our garden. We are thinking of trying to introduce bats as an natural predator. How do we go about this, and what are the pit falls, to having bats if we were successful. Is there other natural predators that would be equally beneficial. thank you.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
It is not possible to manage bats in this way, and they are probably already patrolling the area.

Midges are poor fliers and if your garden is very enclosed and sheltered, it will suit them better. Otherwise, use anti-midges preparations. There are midge traps based on carbon dioxide, try Midge Magic at 064 75793 / 087 621 3824 or http://www.oysterbed.ie