Mind Your Own Business

Graham Brislane asked 11 years ago

I have what I think is MYOB in my flower beds, I see from other answers Lawn Sand & Sulphate of Iron can clear it out of lawns, but what can I use in flower beds. There are apple trees, roses, a selection of flowers & heathers in the beds. Are Lawn Sand or sulphate of iron suitable, without killing off the other plants.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
In flower beds, mind-your-own-business or baby’s tears tends to thrive in shady areas. It can be left round shrubs as it is of little consequence, but to get rid of it, hoeing regularly is best. And it is very easy to hoe out. Pieces tend to root again and it is essential to hoe often during a dry spell.

Roundup could be applied carefully, keeping it off the flowers but this can be difficult to achieve.