mixed climbers

catherine cooke asked 10 years ago
I plan to plant mixed climbers to grow up a 4ft concrete wall on top of which is 4ft sunlap fence so the total height of wall is 8ft and the length of wall is 39 ft long (6ft of it at the end is on shallow sloping dry ground) and my question is how to I prepare the ground and which climbers are best for a wall of 8ft high and also how should I go about planting the climbers? Should I dig a planting hole for each one and how spaced out should the climbers be OR should I did a trench/bed all along the base of the lenght of wall?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Climbers need support and creepers can climb of their accord.

Ivy and Virginia creeper are creepers. Roses, clematis and potato vine are climbers.

A single big creeper, such as Virginia creeper will easily cover a wall of that size eventually and a clematis, such as Clematis montana would too.

Even the small climbers, such as roses and summer clematis along with a potao vine will achieve the same result.

Plant no more than one large type or three or four smaller kinds and space them out, unevenly, digging plantig holes for each and providing solid support of wires for the climbers.