Moss and very invasive wax leaf

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Bridget Collins asked 11 years ago

There is a lot of moss in between my patio slabs also on a bank where there are lots of shrubs I also a wax leaf carpet which is invading everything Have sprayed it with round up on several occasions to no avail Any suggestions

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
A decision has to be made whehter moss between slabs is bad or good. In West Cork, wiht high rainfall, it is natural for moss to grow between slabs and it can look perfectly natural.

If it is not wanted, use a path mosskiller.

The same goes under shrubs, moss does not compete with shrubs for nutrients and so does no harm, and can look very well.

The ‘wax leaf carpet’ sounds like it might be liverwort, which is close to moss in its make-up, or lichen, and these are natural in wet areas of the country and not damaging to shrubs.

Roundup does not deal with moss or liverworts. Mosskiller for lawns could be used, not getting it in the shrubs, but the moss will return within a few months, as it is the natural ground cover in the area.