Moss in Flowerbed

Joan Lewis asked 7 years ago

I plan to work on my daughter’s garden this coming weekend, and would like your advice on how to get rid of the moss that has taken over the flower beds. Also what can we do to improve the soil. There is a box hedge surrounding the bed which is doing ok but the plants in it are not doing well. We would be happy to clear it and start again.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Moss in a lfower bed is easily dealt with by hoeing it up. It dies when dried out, or you can rake it off. The plants may just need a feed… a bit later for this year but a pick-me-up liquid feed with Miracle grow or simialr will do no harm.
Hasten slowly about clearing the beds, some things are probably fine, others not, so proceed over the course of a year, retaining what is good in season and worthwhile. Replace as necessary with plants that will improve the effect.