move magnolia?

Mona Brophy asked 13 years ago

Can i successfully move a magnolia that is about 10 yrs old? If so, how and when? Thanks. MBro

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Magnolia can generally be moved. It takes a significnat setback but usually recovers over two years. April is a good month to move one. Dig around the root ball about 50cm in diameter, cutting the roots. Have the new hole ready and heave the rootball onto a tarpaulin or strong plastic sheet for the move, with enough people toavoid back injury!

Water it in and water every week or so for about two months. Then in any dry spell for about a year. No feeding but a mulch of humus can be applied. Dig in some humus to the soil at planting. Leave the rootball a little high to allow for some sinking later.