Moving my garden from England to Ireland?

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Alec Jenks asked 13 years ago
Hi there, I have many different specimen plants – eriobotrya, 27 different species / varieties of bamboo, rare acers, magnolias, tetrapanax rex, trithrinax, 35 – 50 litre fatsia, arizonica, podocarpus salicifolia, rare cryptomeria, variegated sweet chestnut, hedychiums the list goes on. Can I bring them over to my new life on Achill when I move from England. If so what is the best way to transport, and how will customs and excise treat it.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Certainly you have an interesting collection of plants and while Achill will be mild enough to suit the more tender kinds, shelter will be essential for many of the species you mention.

There is free movement of plants, except species prone to fire blight, namely apples and related kinds, and these kinds need a plant passport to track their movements, but otherwise there are no restrictions. You can load up the lot on a truck and move it across.

It you wanted to be certain of no hitches, contact the Dept of Agriculture for advice.