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paul delaney asked 11 years ago

You mentioned a type of plant called an american prairie plant. i would like to find out more as i feel it is the type of plant we could use in our ‘garden’. could you give some examples, approximate cost, suppliers, lifespan and anything else about them.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Prairie plants include the following: rudbeckia, helianthus, helenium, echinacea,eupatorium, solidago, anthemis, monarda, baptisia, veronicastrum and liatris and grasses such as stipa, panicum, miscanthus and calamagrostis. These are not all American plants but most are.

These are planted in drifts with flowers and grasses mixed. They can be left until late winter for their stems and then cut down with a brushcutter, the trash being left in place. Weed control is essential until the plant are well-grown but becomes easier as they fill the space.

You can start with a few plants and split them every year to fill the ground faster. They are long-lasting and not expensive. Many can be grown from seed.