Natural boundary

William O\’ Connell asked 12 years ago
I want to create a natural boundary (approx 30 mtr) between my site and neighbouring Farmland from which my Site was taken. It is currently unfenced and South Westerly facing and the land portion is grazed by cattle or horses. It is also facing a wide open Turlough so the ‘winds’ can be regular and strong enough. Can you recommend some fast growing hardy shrubs/trees that I could plant to establish such a boundry, appreciating of course that I would have to use an Electric Fence to protect them untill it is established.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
In a rural setting such as this, it is best to use native species and good choices would be hazel (60 %), hawthorn (30%) and holly (10%). These are wind resistant, and they grow in any ordinary soil that is well drained. This planting can be any width with trees about 1.5 metres apart each way on average, but at random, not in lines.