need help with large lawn design

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erin maye asked 11 years ago

We have a large house on a large site. Approx 1 acre in front. It is a very open lawn with just a few mountain ash planted and a random shrub rockery. We have access to a mini digger and a carpenter willing to make us any wooden features we like. We also have alot of stone leftover the same as the stone on our house.We only have 300 euro to spend but will add to that over the months. Any advice on where to start with design, features and shrubs and plants, would be very welcomed.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
On a large site, the best thing you can do is to plant trees. They will set the house off and reduce the lawn area and the effort fo mowing.

Plant into dead sod, killed by Roundup spraying and keep the young trees free weeds. Be careful not to get any spray on them.

Plant at roughly 2 metres apart each way but not in lines. Plant at the boundaries and corners and leave gaps to good views.

Find a forest nursery and buy small saplings, or whips, which are inexpensive, and spend your €300 on that. Later you can make other features and the trees will have made size.