New allotment

Kay McGrath asked 12 years ago

I am thinking of taking an allotment I have just seen. It is in a bawn field It has been ploughed I can get farm yard manure and bark I will grow spuds carrots onions etc on it What can I do from now till spring Should I put on plenty of manure now or later Will it be ok with weeds or should I spray just in case

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
You could spread farmyard manure on the area to grow potatoes next year. Do not overdo manure as not all crops need to be heavily fed. If the lawn is good and was well farmed it probably has enough nutrients. This can be done in winter. Presumably the plot will be rotavated in spring to work in the manure. If it is just ploughed, some weeds will grow between now and spring but rotavation should deal with them.