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T Donegan asked 11 years ago

I’m very new to gardening, planted a Conference pear tree, the poor thing needs help, can you identify the problem and tell me the cause and cure please, there are brown spots on top of leaves which are black on the underside, fruits are going black, i planted it last year and it did the same, please can you advise me

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Check that the fruitlets do not have small white maggots inside. If they do, this is pear midge and all fallen fruitlets and blackened ones should be burned.

If there are no maggots, it might be that the fruitlets have not set seeds and have simply withered. 

The dimpling of the leaves is likely to be caused by pear leaf blister mite, tiny mites feeding on the undersides of the leaves, causing yellowish patches that turn brown. Spray with a garden insecticide thoroughly.