New Hedge

Sharon Lyons asked 13 years ago

We are at the end of an estate and have quite a bit of ground beside us. We are currently in the process of setting our lawn and were opting for a hedge as well as a boundary for same. Have you any recommendations/advise as we are complete novices??

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
A hedge makes a good boundary but not as good at keeping dogs and children in or out as a fence or wall.

There are lots of good hedges. Do not plant leyleand or lawnson cypress as they cause problems later by growing too big.

Choose from griselinia, olearia, pittosporum, escallonia, fuchsia or laurel. Some of these are evergreen wih broad leaves and some deciduous.

Take a walk around the older parts of the area, or similar older suburbs and see what hedge you might like. People are usually happy to give information.