New Lawn

Bernadette Conneely asked 10 years ago

Put new lawn in end of August 2011 grass grew very well. However it is now full of small weeds – leave resemble nettles but much smaller and have a smal purple flower. So disappinted as we thought we had prepared ground very well – weedkiller etc. Can we use lawn weedkiller in April and then feed with spring lawn feed? For our other lawn can we scarify in the Spring? Thanks

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Because there are weed seeds in the soil, it is not unusual for a relatively new lawn to have soft weeds.

These will die out when regular mowing begins and usually the true lawn weeds take more than one year to develop.

If there are weeds present later in the summer, you can apply a lawn weedkiller or in May the following year.