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Michael Mulleady asked 12 years ago
I sowed a 1 acre lawn 2 weeks ago on June 5, 2009. Already, the grass is appearing reasonably well in some areas, but not at all in other areas. A friend told me that I need to fertilize it. However, all the info on the internet suggests that I should not. Can you suggest what to do? I suspect that the soil quallity is not great. Would a mild treatment of 10-10-20 be OK and when to apply?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
It is normal enough for a lawn to emerger unevenly. This generally rectifies itself when mowing starts, when the grass is 8-10cm high.

Uneven early growth is due to variations in soil quality and nutrients and this is normally catered for by applying a base dressing of 10-10-20 at 100gm per square metre before sowing.

Not having done that, there will be some uneveness. When the lawn is about 2 months old, an application of 30g per square metre can be applied, but only when the soil is moist and rain is expected.

Repeat this next spring and after that use only lawn fertilizer, or on an acre, a high-nitrogen fertilizer, such as sulphate of ammonia.