new lawn

paul denehan asked 15 years ago

i had a lawn put in didnt turn out right now redoing lawn 1 acre of lawn, killed grass brought in 5 loads of top soil spread in all around, weather turned bad as you having seen grass and weeds growing again is it to late to put in new lawn as i have to plough and rotavate yet please can you help me Thank you

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
It is important to understand that a lawn is nothing more than a thin skin of grass over a level piece of ground. If you have it level, do not go to the trouble of ploughing/rotavating because this will make the ground soft and it will settle unevenly and you will have to rake and allow thesurface to settle again.

if you plough in late September, you will not get it sown until late spring.

Kill all existing weeds with Roundup and, IF THE SOIL IS LEVEL, simply sow the grass on the surface. GIve a feed of 10:10:20 or similar one week before sowing at 30 grams/square metre and the same in spring. and then high-nitrogen fertiliser twice next summer, at half that rate. and mow regularly.

If you have made the surface uneven, you will have to cultivate and sow next spring.

Grass,  well-fed,  will grow on most soils.