new terrace garden

Noel Kelly asked 14 years ago
Hi Gerry, We are moving into a new house. It has a south facing private terrace that leads out to a public area. The division between neighbours is a small metal fence. I am thinking of putting in a wall of bamboo plants around the terrace in planters, and then putting other planters in that will provide interest against the bamboo. My question is: what type of planters are suitable for bamboo… I want them to line the edges rather than clumps. I have heard of self watering containers but I haven’t been able to find any “long” ones.. .just large plant pot types. Also, I am thinking of putting either a hazel or birch into a large pot as a feature in the garden. Can you tell me if either are suitable for planting in this way? Thanks Noel Kelly

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Bamboo can be grown in a pot but it is not all that happy because of the restricted space and limited moisture. But if you use big enough pots, that will be lessened.

You might consider building a linear container of timber and lining it with heavy plastic, with drainage holes. It would need to be 40 to 50cm high and wide and any length you want. This might seem big but not if you want bamboo to actually grow. You could fit in some smaller plants such as ivy to the front to trail down.

Fit an automatic watering system to deliver sufficient water without fail.

Hazel would be better than birch, which is never happy in a pot, though neither are good in pots. Japanese maple would be better.