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Pat OMalley asked 13 years ago
I set grade 2 grass seed on my new lawn 5 weeks ago. In the last week I have noticed that some of the grass is turning yellow and its brown on the tips. Other areas of the garden are growing fine. I installed a drainage system last year and it is working well. I added new topsoil as the soil in the area is clay. What would be causing the grass to yellow and is there anything I can do to help it? I have not cut it yet as its not long enough.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
It is common for the soil conditions to vary across a lawn area and the grass reflects the soil it is growing in. If the soil was poor and dry, the grass will yellow and wither at the tips but this can happen if the soil is waterlogged too. If the drainage is working well, the problem is patchy soil.

Ideally, a base dressing of 100g per square metre of a general fertilizer such as 10-10-20 should be used before sowing and this evens out the nutrients levels. This is not a lawn fertilizer but it could be used during the first year to even out soil fertility.

Apply up to 30 g per square metre now, in two months and next spring and then revert to using only lawn fertilizers or high-nitrogen fertilizers, such as sulphate of ammonia.

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