No berries on Sorbus cashmiriana?

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Kathy Hall asked 12 years ago

I bought and planted a Kashmir Rowan in Autumn 08 because of its profusion of pink berries. However, this year is has virtually none. I think it did have flowers in the Spring/Summer but it did not have a great deal of foliage this summer. The garden is clay soil, tending to be wet but not ever waterlogged for too long. I have just put some well rotted farmyard manure around the base.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
The Kashmir rowan, like other rowans, does not like heavy ground and will not thrive. It can be moved to a well-drained spot whent he leaves fall.

Sometimes new trees take a while to settle with wind and in new ground to make roots, but if the soil is heavy and waterlogged for any time, this tree will not do well.

Farmyard manure is not good for sorbus, an dmost trees do not need this kind of feeding.