Non-flowering paeonia

Mary Holly asked 13 years ago

Gerry I have a paeonia which produces buds and for the past two years only one bud flowers. Can you tell me why. Thanks

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
When a peony produces buds but does not open them, it means the plant is capable of forming the flower buds but not of opening them.

This is usually due to its being in an unsuitable position and suffering lack of moisture or light. But there are other causes. Bad weather can cause the plants to abort flowers and wet weather can cause rotting of flower buds. Virus disease and eelworm can cause ‘blindness’ of buds.

The best bet is to simply move the plant to a better spot next autumn, allowing it a couple of years to recover from the move. If better conditions do  not improve matters, it may be virus or eelworm-ridden and needs to be discarded.