old hedge needs replacing

matraschka kyscheia asked 10 years ago

i have just cut down a very old ditch that has been there for i’m sure 30 odd years, i want to put in a hedge/ shelter belt as i’m putting up a polytunnel 48 foot long and 20 foot widethe garden is south facing and gets sun all day but i get severe frost and up to 90 plus mile an hour winds whats the best hedge to put in i’m thinking of laural and evergreen holly what do you suggest ?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
The great thing about an old traditional hedge/ditch is that it is mostly composed of species that will re-sprout and re-establish, such as ash, hawthorn, furze, blackthon and holly.

You should allow these established plants to re-grow, which they will do at several times the rate of growth of young plants, and simply plant any gaps with hawthorn and holly.

Young plants will find it very difficult to compete with the large roots of the old trees and will need watering.