old rose bush

Gina D\’ambrosio asked 10 years ago

I got a very old rose bush from someone who had an old cottage. The Rose bush has not been taken care of for 20 + years. The rose bush had little to no root ball. It also had some/a lot of damaged shoots from harsh pruning or weather. I planted it the second they gave to me. (It was not out of the ground more then 10 min.) I gave it Blood, Fish and Bone as well as new compost in the hole as well as on top. Watering everyday. What is the chance of this living though this transplant and is there anything more I can do.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Rose bushes generally transplant quite well, even old bushes, but best done when dormant.

Do not water every day, as this tends to chill the soil and prevent oxygen getting to the roots. Water well about every third day.

No feeding until next spring.

Cutting back some of the top to balance the plant can help but at this stage the plant will probably have dropped its leaves or some of them and no more pruning is necessary.

A sheet of horticultural fleece could help to reduce drying out and provide shelter.