organic fertiliser

tommy higgins asked 12 years ago

Hi Gerry, a lot of your advice on growing vegetables (which I’m interested in) suggests adding Growmore or other type of fertiliser, depending on soil conditions or crop. I don’t use the artificial stuff. I’d like to be more organic. I use my own garden compost. Is this good enough?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Garden compost is relatively low in nutrients, but can be used. In olden times, farmyard manure was added for vegetables. Farmyard manure has more nutrients than garden compost.

Using bag manures (which are mainly made of rock, natural in itself) gives a nutrient boost, which most Irish soils need for vegetable growing.

Using a lot fo garden compost can be too high in nitrogen and give leafy growth, good for leafy vegetables but not ideal for root vegetables. You could use wood ash to counter this.