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Frank O\’Hagan asked 13 years ago

We have 2 mature pink C/Blossom Trees about 30 Ft tall planted about 10 ft apart, with a combined canopy spread of about 40Ft. 3 Root systems are very much above the lawn and continually catch the mower . The grass under the canopy has all but disappeared with a lot of moss. The trees are about 14 ft from the front of the house, but I have kept the branches away from the house by cutting those growing in that direction, but the Tarmacadam drive mosses up anyway. The trees were mature when we purchased the house 15 years ago and their spread continues to get wider. Can they be dramatically pruned, – reduce height and cut back the spread as well as remove the protruding root system?Have they a limited life expectancy?They are non fruit bearing-we think:-)Kind Regards parttimegardener

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
You have described all the downsides to having large old cherry trees in a restricted space. The decision must be whether you like them or not.

Limited pruning is possible but leaves the trees open to the possibility of disease entering through the cuts. You could chance this but the shape of the tree tends to be spoiled.

You could consider removing one tree altogether to allow space for the other. You can plant ivy as a ground cover under the tree where grass struggles.