Overgrown shrubs

Suzanne kavanagh asked 12 years ago

My garden is overcrowded with shrubs, some have grown 4ft wide and 6 foot high. They are over 10 years old and are impossible to maintain.in particular, I have one evergreen shrub which grows thorns on its branches, and is particularly overcrowding my garden.What is the best plan of action to remove these shrub completely.. What tool should I use for a quick result and what do you recommend I do with the piles of debris that I will acquire from this job.Maybe there is a gardening service that undertake these jobs at a good price?I really have a large garden and would love to get it looking well, these shrubs are really taking away from it as I cannot plant flowers because every edge of the garden has a tree or an old shrub in it. Thanks ,Suzanne

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Shrubs have the value of providing fill all year round, and some of the ones you have might be retained with other sremoved to make sapce for perennial flowers.

To remove a shrub, tie its branches around the middle with a rope pulled tight to give acess to the roots. Dig around the rootabll, cutting the roots. Then rock the bush until the root break. Beat the soil off the roots. The branches can be cut up and shredded or simply stacked to rot down.

It is best not to cut the branches until the shrub is taken out because the top of the bush can be used to lever out the root ball.

Alternatively, cut the bush down to ground level and paint the cut stumps with Roundup, undiluted, to kill the roots. You can plant near the stump but it will take a few years for the roots to rot away. This approach is less effort. 

Any local landscaper can be engaged to carry out this work.

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