Passion Flower

Gerry Poole asked 10 years ago

Last summer I planted a Passiflora directly into soil on a south facing wall. It failed as did an evergreen clematis that was planted nearby. I now propose to plant a Passiflora in a largish pot in the same location. Would this work do you think?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Passion flower can be grown outdoors in well drained soil in a sunny spot. It can be knocked back by frost but may re-sprout from ground level, if well enough established.

The evergreen clematis is a robust plant and generally roots well.

Soil conditions at the site, possibly too wet or too dry, are the likely cause, or snails.

Passion flower can be grown in a pot but it will out-grow it in a few years and a pot will limit its size. It is a strong grower and likes the run of the ground.