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mary doran asked 11 years ago

We have a huge patch of over growth in the back garden that i want cleared but i DO NOT want any weed killer used on the soil as I hope to start growing next year, can you tell me how to go about clearing this patch manually, Im afraid i dont know the names of the weeds as i am only starting out.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
Start by cutting down all growth with a brushcutter.

The weedkiller Roundup can be used prior to sowing … on a once-off basis …  and will leave no residues, but if it is not to be used, then use a spade to dig out all perennial weeds and chop out brambles and briars.

Then dig the area over, burying any grass or plant debris in the process. 

Take over the area bit by bit, keeping the unused area trimmed with a brushcutter as necessary.