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anne fadden asked 7 years ago

I have bought 2 large pots diameter approx 80cm. They are for my patio which is very open and on a very windy site. I would like to plant a tall shrub/tree in each and plant some low lying plants around the bottom. Ideally I would like them to be low maintenance and as a permanent fixture. What would you suggest please?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Those are large pots but even so there is a limit on how tall the plants you can grow in them, or they will topple over ina  gal and may break the pot if they are ceramic.

In a very windy spot, phormium is very good, also cordyline. Holly is wind-resistant, and eleagnus, olearia, hebe, juniper and griselinia are good too.

The success of plants in pots depends on how well they are kept watered … not just wetting the surface. Feeding is also needed.

Small plants in pots under taller shrubs tend to compete with the bigger plants, but if you keep them watered, you could try some bedding plants, or longer lasting perennials, such as ajuga, glechoma, geranium and vinca.