Peach Tree kept indoors too long!

Pat Ui Chleirigh asked 10 years ago

I received a Dwarf Peach Tree called ” Terrace Garnet ” as a present. For a variety of reasons I accidentally kept it indoors ( I do not have a green house ) in my kitchen. It has now got blossoms on at least half of it’s buds and I can see that pollination has taken place in a few cases. I need to put it out into my garden either in a pot or in the ground but I am afraid that I will kill it. Can you help? Thank you.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
The peach is responding to the warmth of the house, and it needs to be in a greenhouse really.

Peaches can be grown outdoors but they generally fruit very little if at all, and tend to get peach leaf curl disease. A warm sunny wall helps.

It needs to be hardened off by putting it outside by day for a week or so before planting out.