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Muriel Davis asked 13 years ago

We moved in to a new house 2 years ago. We have a space of approx. 40ft x 50ft which we hope to plant as an orchard and small veg patch. We want to sow varieties of cooking apples, eating apples, plums, pears and maybe cherry trees. Somebody mentioned to us to get dwarf varieties, then we would be able to pick the fruits easily – would you agree? Also what type of each species would you recommend? Also what breed of rhubarb is nice – want to cook with it, so need a sweet variety. Thank you Muriel

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
The space is not very big for such a list. Varieties on dwarf rootstocks need less space but still need about 2.5 metres apart. Fence or  wall-trained trees, if the boundaries can be planted, take up less space. 

There’s lots more background information on fruit, varieties etc at:

The best variety of rhubarb is ‘Timperley Early’.