Planting blueberries in limey soil

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Paddy Fingleton asked 16 years ago

Thanks for your very prompt reply. …You say to plant in polythene lined trench 30cm deep. What diameter of hole if i am digging separate holes for my three plants…I have three holes dug already over 20inches diameter and well over 30 cm deep…. .Would Tippland Irish Mosspeat do on its own or would i need to add fertiliser. Someone told me that there is lime added to mosspeat that s sold in 200 litre bags? Thanks again for the advice so far!

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
For three plants, you should dig a trench at least two metres long, at least 60cm wide and 30cm deep. Pure peat has no lime, but no nutrients either and you need to add a complete fertilizer and feed regularly during the growing season. It would be better to mix about half the volume with acid soil.