Planting blueberries

Paddy Fingleton asked 15 years ago

You advise people in limey areas to plant bluberries in polythene lined trenches. Can you spell this out a bit more eg size width and depth and material to use. I have composted a lot of Leylandi clippings could i use this compost. Do i need to line the bottom of the trench as well as the sides. do i leave holes in bottom lining for drainage or would this allo w lime to seep in etc etc

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Blueberries are a heathland plant and need acidic soil. They can be grown in limy soil only if the lime is kept away. You can do this by lining a trench of about 30cm deep with polythene to prevent limy water seeping in.

It does not need to be a complete seal because small amounts of water seeping in affect the soil very little. It does not need to be lined at the bottom because wate seeps downwards and limy water does not rise. In fact, the acidic soil on top tends to acidify the soil below.

Bluberries would be best with acid soil or peat but garden compost could be used, especially the very well-rotted breakdown of conifers. But it would be important to do a pH test on the compost before using. Cheap kits can be bought in a garden centre.