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Roisin Byrne asked 12 years ago

I have built a container 8’x10″x10″ to hang on south facing wall in my yard which is the sunniest part of my yard but is shaded from 3pm. I have been advised not to drill holes for drainage in the wood as it would weaken the structure. Really it is a large hanging basketWhat drainage would you suggest – gravel/plastic sheeting any use? Thank you!

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
There is no problem for the structure of the box by drilling about 3 holes of 15 to 20mm diameter. Put in about 4-5 cms of gravel to improve drainage, and line it if you like, though it makes little difference.

Watch out for the weight of this box … it could weigh up to 200kg …. and make sure it is well secured, as it could be a danger if it fell on somebody.