planting mixed vegetables

Tony Fitzgibbon asked 14 years ago

are there any vegetable combinations that should not be planted near or beside each other? i was going to plant say a head of cabbage at the end of each drill of potatoes to maximise the space i have, rather than a patch of cabbage heads. my space is limited so i am looking at what combinations i could do.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Vegetables need tobe given adequate space to grow, pretty much their full-grown width or a bit less. Given less space, they tend to stay smaller.

Any piece of ground planted with a kind of vegetables gives the same weight of crop in bigger or smaller if numbers are greater.

There is nothing to be gained by mixing the vegetables. Intercropping is possible, removing a row of radish, say, before carrots in adjoining rows need the space. Or lettuce between onions, but even this can affect cropping.

If space is limited, grow fewer bulky crops such as potatoes and brassicas.