Planting new hedge

David Kenny asked 12 years ago

We are looking to plant a hedge on the border of our 1 acre site. The soil is heavy but we have raised beds on perimeter.We are looking for-something that is reasonably fast growing for privacy- 5/7ft tall as overall height- something evergreen- low maintenance- Not too expensive (as there is a lot to plant)

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
There is no such thing as a low maintenance hedge, although some need cutting less often.

Holly which is evergreen and hornbeam, deciduous, are probably the best bet as beech does not like heavy ground that drains poorly.

You might be better with unclipped shelter belts planted randomly, not in lines or regualr spacings. and an acre site is big enough to accommodate these. You could use birch, holly, hawthorn and hornbeam. If the ground is wet in winter with water lying for more than a day or so, you would have to use willow and alder instead.