Plants dying on roof terrace

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Emma Hutchinson asked 13 years ago

I got around to starting on our roof terrace. I used some bamboo, ornamental grasses and buxus. They have all started to go brown over the last couple of weeks and look like they are dying. I am watering them everyday. Am I watering them too much or are these plants not suitable for a roof situation and if not what can you recommend ?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Bamboo is not wind resistant although it is often used in roof gardens, but it suffers. Grasses and buxus shouldbe okay, but may need some time to adapt to exposed conditions if grown in a sheltered nursery.

If they are going brown, they are suffering a combination of drying from wind and not enough moisture. Even watering each day might not be enough if the quantity is not being delievred. The best solution is a permanent drip irrigation system and simple kits can be bought in garden centres. Connected to a tap these can be set to deliver the required amounts on a volume or timer basis.

If you go to out Plant finder in Know-how you can select a range of resistant types but phormiums, agapanthus, hebe, hypericum and olearia would be among the better choices.