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Will asked 15 years ago

I have had a plum tree for about 4 years, and every year up to last year, there was a fantastic crop.Lat year, there were about 3 plums on the tree.This year (now its April 2nd) buds are just starting to flower and they look fine. Is there anything I need to do . Will I get any plums this year

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Plum trees can fail to fruit for a variety of reasons … an excessively heavy crop can weaken the tree and it takes a year to recover; bullfinch damage to buds in a rural area; and disease attack, either blossom wilt, bacterial canker or silver leaf. It can be affected by poor weather at flowering time too.

The first and last are the most likely and it will come back to fruiting, give some fruit fertilizer in spring for two years.