Potted box not thriving/brown stems

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Helen Collins asked 14 years ago

Dear Gerry, I’m a novice gardener. Last year my mother gave me two potted small fern trees (box/bux? I think she called them). One is thriving but the other has a lot of brown and hasn’t grown at all. When I realised the pot had no drainage holes a few months ago I remedied that and then this month added a new layer of compost. It still looks miserable next to its healthy neighbour. What would you recommend to bring it on?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Lack of drainage for more than a few days can severely damage the roots of many  plants by depriving them of oxygen.  The damage  can be lasting  and  can prove fatal.

Your affected tree has suffered a level of damage with which it is struggling. Hopefully it will re-grow the damaged root system and then recover, but it may not. You should not over water, just keep it nicely moist, not wet. No feeding until you see signs of new growth on the stems.