Premature die back of potatoes

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Philip Walton asked 12 years ago

I have had a problem with premature die back of potatoes for a number of years resulting in reduced size of tubers. It is not blight as the tubers are not affected. This year I was growing Sarpo Axona and Orla. The same problem has effected my greenhouse tomatoes, grown in growbags, this year. My neighbour grew the same potatoes without this problem.Rgds, Dec1.Have been growing vegetables in this garden for more than 25 years and I think it is getting tired and diseased.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
Soil does nto get tired, as such, but it does build up pests and diseases and it sounds very much like a poato eelworm problem.

These are tiny worms that feed on potato roots and stems underground and cause early wilting and small tubers in a bad attack. The eelworm stays in the soil and attacks each year. 

There is no control except to use eelworm resistant varieties such as ‘Santé’ and ‘Valor’.

Tomatoes in grow bags are vulnerable to drought and many tomatoes have performed badly due to a dull, cool summer.